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Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Kevin and I leave for Pittsburgh in less than 3 days. And we have a plan. First day, we drive to Nevada. Somewhere in Nevada. Then we sleep. Second day, we head north to Yellowstone, passing the World's Largest Polar Bear (stuffed) in Elko, Nevada, the World's Largest (Styrofoam) Potato and Largest Potato Chip (a Pringle) in Blackfoot, Idaho, and the Birthpalce of TV in Rigby, Idaho. After spending most of the next day in Yellowstone, we head out through Montana towards Devil's Tower (famously featured in Close Encounters), Jewel Cave, and Mt. Rushmore. Then we head out past the Dinosaur Park and Mystery Spot in Rapid City, South Dakota, past the Wall Drug, to the Corn Palace. As we enter Minnesota, we pass the Giant Jolly Green Giant in Blue Earth, the Spam Museum in Austin, and the Mall of America in Minneapolis. We've got a big plan to ride the log ride inside the Mall of America. We may also go see the Museum of Questionable Medical Devices in Minneapolis, and if we have time, we may go about 40 miles out of our way to see the Largest Ball of Twine Rolled by One Man. Then we descend through Wisconsin past the Paul Bunyan statue in Eau Claire, the giant moose statue in Black River Falls, and a whole bunch of freaky stuff in the Wisconsin Dells, and the giant Pink Elephant in Madison. They've clearly got something weird about funky animal statues in Wisconsin. Maybe it's the cheese. Finally, we hit Chicago, and hopefully get a chance to catch Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind after years of Sherman raving about it. That, and pizza. We've been told we simply must eat at Gino's, Giardano's, or Eduardo's. I'm all for it. From there we make the final leg to Pittsburgh, passing through Gary, Indiana (Yes, there will be singing. Expect video coverage.), Toledo, and Cleveland. The last day or two, Kevin and I will be bumming around Pittsburgh, getting the car unloaded, and making a major visit to IKEA. It's a plan. It's a big plan. It's a plan that only could truly appreciate. Frankly, the only thing we're really bummed we have to miss is the Humongous Fungus (either in Oregon or Michigan). This is going to be great. And the journey will be blogged. Stay tuned.


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