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Tuesday, July 16, 2002

Okay, this is one of the scariest things I've heard in a while. They're recruiting the cable guy and the maintenance man and the plumber in your neighborhood to spy on you. It all just smacks of Cold War Soviet Union or East Germany. Or of various dystopian novels, the granddaddy of them all being 1984. Big Brother is watching. He's sending spies into your home.

Another interesting note. For all that the right complains about the "liberal media", to find a report on this, I had to go through an alternative liberal media source to find a report on this. Nothing on Yahoo! News. Nothing on SFGate. Nothing on CNN. If the "liberal media" were half as liberal as they're accused of being, this would've been reported on by every major news organization. But it wasn't. They're in on the "War on Terrorism". They want to see it go forward. Why? They're not liberal or conservative, unless it attracts ratings and readership. They follow the almighty dollar and nothing more. That's why they're stories about John Walker Lindh and how citizenship applications have risen since 9/11. Hard news? Changes in law that will change our lives as citizens? Nah, no one wants to read that stuff. Look at the bad American who admitted he's guilty! Look at all those foreigners who want to join us! Oy. We're going down, and most of the country won't notice until it's too late. Frankly, I think Dubya is pointing us closer to the Revolt in 2100 than 1984, and frankly that scares me most of all. Sigh.

I guess all we can do is sign up to be informants and try to keep it honest from the inside.


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