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Tuesday, August 06, 2002

A few snapshots from the road:

In the first day, we blew through California and swung into Reno. Kevin played some blackjack, but his normal luck wasn't with him and he lost it all. Still, on the way out, we ran across our first Dairy Queen and stopped for supper and what is a favorite for both of us - a soft serve cone dipped in chocolate. Yummers. As we ploughed across Nevada, we realized that Nevada must be the Dairy Queen capital of the world. They were everywhere. By 10pm, we were in Elko, ready to spend the night. We took the opportunity of a shorter driving day to sleep in. We woke up at around 9:30, dawdled around while Kevin showered and shuffled the car (while I bounced up and down saying, "Come on! I wanna go see the polar bear!!!"), went to see the World's Largest Polar Bear and headed out of town just before 11:00.

After the polar bear, we started hitting our stride. We had had no cell phone service since just outside of Sacramento. With a screaming beep! beep! beep!, Kevin's cell phone came to life just after we crossed into Idaho on Hwy. 93. I screamed. Kevin was really glad he was driving. He checked his text messages. His horoscope for the day read, "You're too slow. Others drag you along. It's more fun that you'd have alone." Heck yeah!

Driving through Idaho, I said to Kevin, "Hey, keep your eyes peeled for the potato." Kev says, "Heh. Nice pun."

We did finally make it to the World's Largest (styrofoam) Potato and the World's Largest Potato Crisp (a Pringle) in Blackfoot, Idaho. With utter glee, we toured the potato museum, learning about how potatoes are sorted and classified, saw a photo of Marilyn Monroe in a potato sack, and lots of other random potato trivia (including Thomas Jefferson was the first American to serve french fries!)

Passing through Island Park, Idaho, listening to the B-52's, I heard the first few chords of "Private Idaho" start up. We cranked up the radio and sang along. "Living in your own private Idaho!" while driving through Idaho. Hee hee!

Arrived in Yellowstone, and drove up to Old Faithful, hit the bathrooms, and walked over to the faithful geyser just in time to see it begin to erupt. Very cool. After it calmed down we decided to go inside and see about a room for the night. All sold out, everywhere in the park, everywhere in Gardiner, and almost everywhere in West Yosemite, except for a nice gentleman at the Three Bears motel who gave us his last room. We headed out back to West Yosemite and stopped at the Upper Basin geysers and walked through at sunset. We watched several geysers erupt from 5 feet away. As the twilight faded, we headed back to West Yellowstone. Checking in, the desk clerk said, "You know, I was holding that room, but you just had such a nice sweet voice on the phone. I decided to finally let it go." With profuse thanks, and key in hand, we headed to grab some dinner, and then to settle into the room. It's lovely, clean, and perfect. After calling over a dozen motels, this place is a perfect blessing.

Catch you all in a few days.

Catch you all in a couple of days.


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