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Saturday, August 17, 2002

Good news: It was just food poisoning. I'm not (detectably) pregnant. I'll be double checking again in a two weeks if I don't start my period on time, but for now, I'm so happy it was food poisoning.

Bad news: Tigger is dead. I came home last night to find Tigger lying in a pool of her own urine. I called the vet and left a voicemail asking about home euthanasia. Dr. Derenzi called me back last night and told me she could come today during her lunch hour. So I gave Tigger a bath last night to clean her up, and fed her treats, and took her out this morning to walk around the neighborhood one more time. And when Dr. Derenzi came, Tigger died in my arms so very quickly. We're leaving now to drive her to Sacramento to be buried in my uncle Lee's garden next to his dog Figi. Wish her a speedy journey to the afterlife, where hopefully she'll chase and catch the birds she wanted to catch this morning.


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