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Friday, August 30, 2002

The level of hypocrisy in Texas never ceases to amaze me. For a part of the country that considers itself so very American, it consistently demonstrates that they have no idea what that really means. This dress code would've gotten me suspended in high school six times over in one day's outfit. Between my hair color(s) and my trench coat and my black gothic attire and so on, I would've been sitting at home reading instead of suffering through school. Hmm. Maybe that wouldn't have been so bad after all. But that's not my point! They would've kicked out a kid who lived by most of the rules, got great grades, but who wasn't into trendy fashion.

But the indignities I would've suffered would've been minor compared to the full extent of enforcing this dress code. First there are basic first amendment issues. Having T-shirts with a message or picture does not equate to shouting fire in a crowded theater. No way. And they state that you both can't have body piercings, and that you can't cover them if you do have them. Do they really think that they can create a rule effectively banning your right to get a piercing? Seems unlikely. But still, this is trivial compared to the religious implications. The policy states that you may not wear "Head coverings of any kind ". Does this include the Jewish yammika or the Islamic head scarf? There is no caveat listed in the policy for religious garments or symbols. If there were, this girl wouldn't be suspended. But she is. And I hope the ACLU takes this district to the cleaners.


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