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Tuesday, August 20, 2002

Okay, I've long been against circumcision. Heck, have sex with one man who isn't circumcised and you quickly learn exactly what that little piece of skin is there for, and it seems forever criminal that it was ever taken away from anyone from that moment forward.

But I've heard a million arguments about why it's no big deal, some going so far as to say it's healthy, which in this day in age is absolute bunk. I've heard more than one person argue, "Oh the babies don't feel the pain. It's not as bad as it would be for an adult." I hearby officially say, "Bullshit!" It hurts the baby every bit as much as it would a child or full grown man. If you're thinking of circumcision for your child, don't do it. Wait until they're off age to make their own decisions about their health and religious beliefs. Don't just go whacking off part of their sex organs! It's barbaric!


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