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Tuesday, September 03, 2002

I talked to my old friend Phil earlier today. He was wondering the same thing I was. "Hey, are you going?" So we decided to go to the "ice breaker" on Friday night, then go out to dinner, just the four of us (him, me, and our respective S.O.s), and if we were really still wanting to go, we could just go at 9:00 for the post-dinner party. He and I both independently called the reunion company. I found out that the post-dinner party is just $45 per person (just!). And he called and found out that out of 300+ in our class, just 40 have signed up for the reunion so far. I'm thinking we'll be quite done after Friday and dinner together. It'll be really nice to see Phil. We were too much alike in high school. Both Drama geeks. Both honors kids. Both not quite fitting. Me, just a little bit edgier. Net result: we both ended up doing training for a living. Go figure. He works for Apple in Elk Grove. The difference: he's got 2 kids and a wife. It'll be great to see him and meet the family.


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