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Monday, September 09, 2002

Odd weekend. It came together very nicely considering I had no solid plan going into it. The highlights:

Peanut Butter and Jam - A festival celebrating Skippy peanut butter in Alameda. Tempest was playing, and I'm always up for going to a Tempest show, so I figured why the heck not. Do some dancing, have a PB&J, stroll through Alameda. Sounds great right? The dancing was fun. Bronwyn was the only other Irish dancer to show up, but she threw herself into my improvisations with gusto. We strolled down the street in Alameda afterwards looking for PB&J sandwiches. But there were none. There was one place that had sold them earlier in the day, but they were sold out. I went for PB&J, and sadly ended up with Taco Bell. Oh well.

When does a fake party become a real party? We thought the answer was when the camera turns off, but I think it was a party well before then. Emily called Saturday morning asking if we could come over to simulate a party for Chris to shoot for a thing he was doing for MTV. After several gyrations, it ended up working out. So by 7:30, Fred, Cy, Athena, Mice, Wendy, Rick (who had driven most of the way to Sacramento without calling anyone only to find that no one was available to do what he wanted, so he came back), and I were all standing behind Emily's sofa, while Emily interacted with a non-existent Emperor Penguin. Trapped in a small space and forced to interact, we had a great time. It was great just having time to catch up and hang out with everyone. Every now and then, Chris would interrupt us with some sort of direction, but then we went right back to where we left off. Such fun. When all was said and done, we ordered some pizza, and eventually ended up watching The Royal Tennenbaums.

Add to this Athena's breakfast gathering on Sunday morning and Friday Night Waltz, and my spending Sunday afternoon cleaning house (specifically the bedroom), and it was a pretty darned nice weekend.

Next weekend: Off to Seattle!


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