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Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Okay, so really quick.

I chose door number two, and the net result is that I'm spending all day in meetings this week. Nine to five doing technical design sessions. It's fun. I actually know stuff walking in. It's cool. I chose wisely (methinks).

So I decided that on Friday, and went to Sacramento that night. Just as I was heading down Sunrise Boulevard, Phil called to ask me if I was going to make it to the "ice-breaker". I said, "Yep, almost there now." He said, "Good, 'cause this is just like a sit-com, and you gotta see it." It was much like a sit-com. There was one girl who had come from Illinois for the reunion, and though we didn't really remember her, she remember us, and was very happy to glom onto us. Her and her video camera. Amber, the reunion organizer, came and sat with us at one point. She asked Shannon about high school, and Shannon described it as "an experience. Not exactly the best period of my life. I didn't have a lot of friends. Heck, Phil here was probably my best friend in high school." Phil was, well, stunned. Really, neither of us could remember who she was. He went and looked her up in the yearbook later, and still couldn't remember.

So my big moment of vindication came when I found out what happened to the one guy who I just hated in high school. Jason Hilton was loud, annoying, in the honors classes, but really not qualified for them, and he was a baseball jock. He was the kind of baseball jock who really thought he had a shot at the big leagues, and chewed tobacco to prove it. And he was mean to me every opportunity he got. So when it turns out that he works at a wrecking yard, I have to admit that it gave me a sick sort of pleasure. For someone who called me a nerd and lots of other unflattering things, it felt really good to be a happy, successful person when he was still just as much of a loser as I always thought, only now he didn't have his crowd to prop him up.

Okay, gotta run. The Buffy season premier is tonight. Athena is coming over. I can't wait.


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