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Wednesday, September 18, 2002

So I've been offered a job on the Workflow team as the Campus Readiness Lead. It's a good opportunity, but it's two steps above my current classification, and I've seen people on campus make that leap before, and most of them have done about as well as Evil Knieval jumping the Snake River, with about as much infamy. On the one hand, I think I could really positively contribute. On the other hand, I may end up looking bad no matter what I do right or wrong and prematurely end my career at Stanford. Or, I could really shine and have a long satisfying career. I don't know.

So basically, the three options before me are:
1. Stay in my current job. My boss is currently working on reclassifying me as a 4P3, which would involve an undetermined raise. I would see the project through. I would continue what I've started. I would be the voice for the distributed user. I would be their guide. I could learn a lot from my team members and have an opportunity to work on personal career development over the year, especially learning SQL querying from Gary and polishing my communication skills through training classes and with the support of the team. I know and like my boss, and she thinks I'm a valuable, highly contributing member of the team.

2. Take the Workflow job that I was offered on Monday. It's a 4P4 position that would be a big promotion, including an extra $11k a year. I'd be working with a very small project team (four people including me) and would basically get to touch every aspect of the project in some way or another. I would be personally responsible for all working groups, communications, training, support, job aids, and curriculum.But I would be the front line. If things went badly, it would reflect directly on me and only me. It has a lot more personal responsibility than my current position, and I would have to interact with some of the scariest bigwigs on campus, some of which are known for eating those they deem their lessers alive. Still, if things go well, this project has a high probability of being extended to do the same thing for other systems on campus, which could mean long term job security.

3. Wait for the PeopleSoft 8 Campus Readiness jobs to be posted. I've already talked to Javier, the project manager, and it's pretty clear he'd take me if I'd have him. He is in search of a Campus Readiness Lead that would also be a 4P4 job (and would also be an $11k a year raise). This would be more in line with what I did on the Persona project. I already know PeopleSoft, and it would just be a matter of updating existing materials, retraining on navigation, and integrating the Workflow piece. I already know enough about it that taking the lead would be less intimidating. This would be a strictly fixed term position though. It would be great to work with Javier again, and it would be great to work on PeopleSoft again, and it would be a comfy safe environment that would end just like Persona did.

So, the more I think about it, door number two seems the right answer. Guts and glory. But doors 1 and 3 are so very tempting. I already know I can shine in the context of Delphi even if Delphi continues to be lame.

Frankly, getting the CR Lead offer from the Workflow folks was a big surprise. I feel like I'm about a year off from being ready for that kind of responsibility. Maybe two years. So do I take it now and see what happens? Or do I play it safe(r) and stay put? Or do I take the ultimate maybe behind door number 3? Oy. At least every option includes my continued employment at Stanford, because after this decision, I'm going to need a vacation. Or at least a hot shower.


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