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Monday, September 30, 2002

Went to Fred's annual birthday bash yesterday. It was as much fun as ever. Munching, chatting, fireworks, dancing, and a nice piece of Belgian chocolate to end the evening. It doesn't get better.

Bill and Alex made an appearance. Alex is getting bigger, but he's still cute as can be, and still easy to toss around. He was quite satisfied to entertain himself chewing on my glasses until an unexpected sneeze on my part caused me to head butt him. It was a pretty good knock to me, and he was really surprised. Crying ensued, but he was back to his cheerful self in about five minutes. Bill got official word from Arthur that yes, oh yes, he really wants him to be understudy for Mr. Fezziwig this year, so he feels a lot better about that. And the innuendo shall fly between us about our new father/daughter relationship. It's not as twisted as it sounds. He's playing a man 10 years older than himself, and I'm playing a girl 10 years younger than myself.

The four sisters (of three daughters, beaming and loveable fame (long story)) sat down on the stairs and tried to figure out what differentiated us and how that would impact our interactions with each other and with the customers. Between the distractions of a party and a baby, we didn't get much done, but it's gotten us all thinking on it. Thankfully, I know Miss Emelia pretty well. She's the adventurous one. She loves the idea of travel. She loves exotic places like Egypt and India and won't be satisfied to live a quiet domestic life here in London. I rather expect that this will be Emelia's last year, unless I end up as the eldest Miss Fezziwig next year. But either way, her tenure is winding down. Time to pass the torch to someone who is less than 10 years older than she.


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