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Thursday, October 17, 2002

Oh little blog! How I've neglected thee!

And the neglect is scheduled to continue for a little longer. At work, I moved to my new office yesterday. Unfortunately, my new desk has no underdesk keyboard tray, so as the munchkin I am, I have two choices - one, cripple myself by typing with the keyboard on top of the desk, or two, sit with my keyboard on my legs. Yes, this is making my work go much slower.

So I'm trying to do work for my new job, and finish work for my old job, and generally, I'm kind of overwhelmed. The good news is that my new office tricked out very nicely yesterday. I managed to scavenge some halfway decent furniture from around the building, and I currently have an office all to myself. With real live walls and a door. It's cool. And hopefully, I'll get a new roommate in a couple of weeks, and hopefully it will be Jo-Ann. She had a second interview for the CR Lead for PeopleSoft v.8 today, so I'm seriously hoping she's who Javier picks. We'd be hell on wheels together. And it'd be fun to share an office with her.

Meanwhile, we decided today not to move into the groovy cool townhouse on Homestead. They wanted a year lease, were willing to be talked into 9 months, but I'm really only willing to sign a 6 month lease myself. And it doesn't have a washer and dryer in the unit, and that's one of our criteria for the next place we live. So, we passed it up. The deciding factor ended up being that our current place has a 3 bedroom coming up shortly, and it would be both cheaper and simpler to rent that rather than move further, and then it's a known equation and we can stay on our month to month agreement. So if Eric and Amy's place works out, then it will be a very simple move. If not, we're going to stay put until after Dickens Fair. Unless a Pomeroy West place goes up for sale.

Beyond that, we went to Ren Faire on Sunday and actually had a really good time. We saw the Moonie and Broon shows and Rick threw axes and I petted the farm animals and we watched the trolls (which is a cool new gig at faire). It was crowded, which is good, and the site was actually lovely. So Casa de Ren Faire is probably going to work in it's new location. The one big downside is that it is located just beyond the 152/156 junction, and that junction backs up for miles. So we just left a bit early to beat the worst of it. Then we stopped in Gilroy and Morgan Hill on the way home for a bit of shopping. I'm sure all the businesses lining the freeway are loving the extra traffic.

That's the basic update. New office. New life. Things are changing. I'm just trying to keep up. My new keyboard tray should be here next Wednesday. Don't expect much of an update before then.


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