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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

So I just got a call from Mike at Chevys. I won their weekly drawing for 8 margaritas and 2 appetizer sampler platters. Again.

I went to Kathy Essig's going away party and Ric said, "We've all got to throw our cards in the bucket for a chance to win." I dutifully complied and got a call a few days later from Mike at Chevy's saying I'd won. So I told the campus readiness folks and we all arranged to go on a Monday. While there, we all tossed our cards in the bucket and sure enough, Ric got a call a few days later saying he'd won. So we went off to margaritas and appetizers again last night. Carrying on the tradition, I tossed my card in the bucket again. And the rest is history.

So now I'm going to attempt a dangerous mingling of the two groups - the Delphi folks and my new Workflow project team. More margaritas coming soon. And we'll see who gets drawn next time!


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