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Monday, October 07, 2002

So, yes, the housing issue is forever on my mind lately. Sunday morning, Cyrus and Athena came over for breakfast. I wandered down to Cosentino's before they arrived and grabbed a couple of peaches, a couple of nectarines, a banana, and a basket of gorgeous looking strawberries. Every last item was ripe and ready to eat. I added some orange slices from my grandpa's tree, and had an absolutely fabulous fruit salad to go with the oatmeal and english muffins for breakfast. It was so great.

We were thinking long and hard about renting that one place in Union City for $1295, but when we mentioned it to Cy and Athena, a great whining commenced. They don't want us to move away, and I must admit, that moving far from them (and, well Cosentino's) is the one thing really holding us back from heading up that way. That, and a couple of other tiny quirks with that particular property (especially that the front door faces Alvarado Boulevard).

So we started browsing the Sunday paper for options in Santa Clara. Every time I look at the paper, there are more and more 3 bedroom places available for less than $1500 a month. It's gone from a few to several. There was one property over on Bing, just around the corner from our current place. The owner offered to show it to us, so we walked over. It was alright, and certainly a good deal for $1375, but it had a very apartmenty feel, and was all upstairs, and was quite warm as a result. Then we drove over to another property and then toured the South Park and Pomeroy West complexes, since their are our second and first place choices for places to buy. Meanwhile, we talked more about the long term plan for intentional community, and then talked about a new shorter term plan. Perhaps, if the four of us bought a duplex together, we could all live on the same property, and start making a go of the IC thing sooner rather than later. There are even a couple of properties that look interesting for such a thing on the market right now.

Meanwhile, while we were out, one other property called us back, and we went to look at it today at lunch. For $1495 a month, it's probably close to 2000 square feet. It's a large 3 bedroom townhouse that was clearly designed to be the owner's quarters for this little apartment complex. It's more than we'd been planning to pay for what we looked at in Union City, but it's a great space. So now we're tempted with that as well.

Once again, we're stuffed to the brim with options. Unfortunately, the one thing that hasn't happened is for a 4 bedroom place in Pomeroy West to become available, and that's what we really really want. I've grumbled for a good long time about not wanting to move unless I'm buying something, but this townhouse in Santa Clara might be a nice interim solution. We'll see.


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