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Monday, November 04, 2002

Kev: I wanna change the color of my gold box to something ugly like beige, because there's never anything good in there.
Kev: Ooh, a crib bedding set! Yay! NOT.
Kev: "Lavendar Fairy Dress Up Set"
Kev: Who the heck do they think I am? Selling me fairy costumes and astroglide??
Ammy: I know the feeling. For some reason they always try to get me to buy power tools.
Kev: Every single thing in my gold box is for 0-24 months!
Kev: And then there's a can opener... Hrmmm.
Ammy: So who did you get pregnant, Kev?
Ammy: And how did Amazon know before you?
Kev: I sure hope the can opener isn't a family planning tool...


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