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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Oh poor neglected blog.

Thirty minutes to the management meeting. Seven days until I find out if my project gets cut and I'm laid off. Three weeks until Dickens Fair starts. And I've gone completely stupid.

I had this grand plan to write about the glory that is Fast Pass when I got back from Disneyland last weekend. Didn't happen. It's great. It makes a day at Disneyland much more pleasant. Read this for more info.

For some reason, for the last few days I've been an idiot. I had a conversation with Paul about carpooling that so closely resembled a scene from Monty Python that it was actually scary. Then I forgot my dance notes for the dance I was planning to teach on my desk at work. And this doesn't even begin to cover the blunder Rick pulled of forgeting about his Legato class that started on Monday morning at 8:30 until about 3 o'clock on Monday afternoon.

Meanwhile, today seems to be the day the karma fairy chose to toy with me. My watch stopped at midnight yesterday. And today in my first meeting at 9am, the heel of my right shoe fell off. Loudly. I have a management meeting in ten minutes. Luckily a facilities guy was in the building today and had some glue. I sure hope it holds.


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