Almost there...

Monday, December 30, 2002

Wog. So it's been a busy week, largely away from all computer interaction. The last weekend of Dickens Fair was really great. I did my first ever turn in the Dark Garden window with my sisters (Lavinia and Cordelia) and a list of hearts to break. Add to that two smashing days of dancing, dancing and more dancing, and it was a fabulous weekend, followed by more dancing at the Plough on Monday.

I did not get down to the serious business of sleeping in in earnest until Christmas day. Since then, I haven't found my way out of bed before 11 for almost a week, and boy do I feel so much better. On the 23rd, when I had promised myself a chance to sleep long and late, my next door neighbors were finally getting their plumbing replaced. After waiting 18 days, the plumber finally decided to unload pipe from his van at 8 o'clock on Monday the 23rd. I was disappointed, but my body almost had a riot. Still, I managed to stave off a nasty illness by beating it back with plenty of hot tea and lemon, and lots of extra sleep ever since. This morning I roused myself just in time for lunch.

In the meantime I've been catching up on movies, having caught Star Trek: Nemesis (eh), Equilibruim (interesting, especially for $3), and The Lion King on IMAX (big and pretty) in the past week. I've also gotten to see Mice and Wendy's new place in San Ramon, had a few folks over for chili and games, and spent a day hanging out with Kevin. It's been just grand. I had originally planned to go away to my grandparent's cabin this week, but I think staying home has been even better.

Well, home in a relative sense anyway. It's off to the Plough tonight, and the NYE Ball tomorrow, and back to work on Thursday.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

oooh... this is a good one.

Just got back from the Two Towers at the Grand Lake. The admin at work today suggested that going to see a movie like that on opening night was madness for any but an uber-geek. I disagree. I've never read Tolkein beyond The Hobbit, and I didn't much care for the Hobbit. But I love seeing good movies on opening night with a crowd of devoted fans. The first night is the one opportunity to view a film with the most enthusiastic crowd possible before opinions from outside sources and spoilers begin to creep in. Tonight was no exception. The crowd was energized. The movie was fantastic. And I'm so glad I saw it with ten of my friends in a crowded theater full of laughter, cheers, and clapping. It truly does add to the experience.

And now for the sleeping!

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Quiz of the moment:

Which of Henry VIII's wives are you?

this quiz was made by the lycanthropes at Spookbot

Just when you've lost all faith in the world, just when you think that homosexuals will always be treated as second class citizens, just when you think kids will always be cruel, you stumble across a story like this. It just warms my heart.

Thursday, December 12, 2002

My Christmas gift buying this year is extremely limited. I'm not sure why. I'm just too tired to deal with it I think. I've got something for my mom, something for my grandparents, something for Rick (though not really enough of a something exactly), and something for Kevin that I just couldn't resist. Oh, and some toys for the favorite kids in our lives. Other than that, I haven't gotten anything, and I'm rather expecting I won't at this point. I just don't feel inspired. Anyway, for those of you still wrestling the great Christmas monster, here's a gift idea that's just great for the lady in your life who has everything. Or someone anyway.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I almost forgot. Last night we watched the extended version of Lord of the Rings/Fellowship of the Ring. Most of the additions were really fantastic. I liked the opening half much better with the additions. Things seemed to have a cleaner flow altogether. Now I'm really looking forward to the next movie on the 18th. Now I just need to figure out what the plan is for going to see it.

In the meantime, here's a (humorous) look at why the Lord of the Rings really sucked.

Doh. And I forgot to mention that Rick, though at Disneyland, appears to have developed a spectacular case of food poisoning on Saturday, which led him back to the hotel, which was thankfully the Candy Cane Inn. He took a nice 7 1/2 hour nap, but still didn't feel much better, even though his guts had been fairly turned inside out. So if you see Rick this week, take pit on him. He had to drive all the way home with a grumbly tummy on Sunday.

I know I know. I haven't written for over a week. I plead Dickens Fair overload.

So anyway, both Rick and I were gone all weekend. We left the house on Friday morning and returned Sunday night. Rick headed off to Disneyland with Cyrus and Athena. I headed out to work, Friday Night Waltz, then crashed at Fred's place and played with little Marty (who's so cute!), carpooled together to Dickens Fair on Saturday, then went to the cocktail party with the Danger Twins on Saturday night, then went back to Fred's place for more time playing with Marty, then back to Dickens Fair the next morning, and finally home on Sunday. This is the first time since Tigger died that I've spent all weekend away from both home and Rick. It felt odd to leave the house unoccupied for the whole weekend. It's happened before, but I've been with Rick so it didn't feel so surprisingly different. This weekend felt.... odd. But it was great fun. Unfortunately, Sunday at Dickens Fair we had a rather surprising tragedy. Mrs. Fezziwig had both her wallet and keys stolen before the fair opened. This is especially shocking considering at that hour you need to have a parking pass to get on site, and a gate pass to get in the door. Basically this means that the most likely culprit is a fair participant. This is too disturbing a thought to bear. Hopefully the Grinch will realize how wrong he was and will return the items he's stolen.

Other than that, last week was terribly busy. Indrani and I had lunch at the new cafe on campus, Olives, on Monday. Chris came down to have lunch with me on Tuesday before going to solicit temporary employment with Cirque du Soleil in San Jose. Marlene called and we went to lunch at Darbar on Wednesday. And on Thursday, my roommate Allyson treated me to lunch at Fresh Choice. Add to that Monday night at the Plough, dinner with Jim on Tuesday, having Cy & Athena over for dinner on Wednesday, and laundry on Thursday night, and I barely had time to do all of my work, let alone pause for some reflection. And I'm quite certain it all did nothing good for my diet. But after last week's four pound gain of weight after 2 days of non-stop dancing was discouraging to say the least. So, I'm just glad I fit into my corset and jacket right now, and that's good enough for me today.

Monday, December 02, 2002

Survived the first weekend of Dickens Fair. Saturday went by so fast that I was actually quite shocked when it was time for Wink. My only complaint was that though we went to all the trouble of arranging a particular friend for each of us young ladies, and a suitor or two, I'm not on the same schedule with any of them. In fact, out of all my very dearest friends I do Dickens to spend extra time with, not one of them has a compatible schedule with me. This was quite disappointing, and apparently, I'm not the only one in that situation. Shawna actually tore up her schedule on Saturday upon realizing that she could not spend one (out of three potential) breaks/time on street with her fiance, Sherman. Still, all in all, opening day went just smashingly.

On Sunday, the day dragged mercilessly. At four o'clock, I could've sworn it was time for closing. My dad came down on Sunday as well, and he actually broached the subject of our estrangement. He doesn't have a clue what he does wrong that drives me and everyone else away from him, but he has recognized that it happens and wishes it didn't. The only feedback I was willing to offer was that he tends to be rather judgemental. He's not really ready for much more than that. The funny thing was that right after we had that talk, he said that I ought to be starting to work on a Master's degree. I said that I was still thinking on what I'd like to pursue. He suggested Computer Science. I said absolutely not. Computers are just a means to an end for me, and I have no desire to be a programmer or a computer implementation project manager. I enjoy education, whether that's in computers, or English, or something else. I told him I might try for a Master's in Organizational Psychology, or I might get an RN degree so that I could do health education, either consumer health education or nursing education. He then proceeded to explain why the medical professions are very difficult and not what I'd expect and basically how that's a bad idea. You know, being judgemental. Sigh. Just once I'd love it if he'd support me on what I enjoy doing rather than telling me why the choice I'm making is not the right choice. He never thought being a teacher was a good idea, but it was my first love as a career choice, and though it didn't end up being my lifelong career, it was extremely valuable and important experience that led me to the job I have today. Anyway, it was a long day, brightened cheerfully by a brown paper package tied up with string from Mice and Wendy (with a Beauty and the Beast DVD inside!), and several waltzes with Paul, lots of time spent with Alex (and his dad).