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Tuesday, December 10, 2002

I know I know. I haven't written for over a week. I plead Dickens Fair overload.

So anyway, both Rick and I were gone all weekend. We left the house on Friday morning and returned Sunday night. Rick headed off to Disneyland with Cyrus and Athena. I headed out to work, Friday Night Waltz, then crashed at Fred's place and played with little Marty (who's so cute!), carpooled together to Dickens Fair on Saturday, then went to the cocktail party with the Danger Twins on Saturday night, then went back to Fred's place for more time playing with Marty, then back to Dickens Fair the next morning, and finally home on Sunday. This is the first time since Tigger died that I've spent all weekend away from both home and Rick. It felt odd to leave the house unoccupied for the whole weekend. It's happened before, but I've been with Rick so it didn't feel so surprisingly different. This weekend felt.... odd. But it was great fun. Unfortunately, Sunday at Dickens Fair we had a rather surprising tragedy. Mrs. Fezziwig had both her wallet and keys stolen before the fair opened. This is especially shocking considering at that hour you need to have a parking pass to get on site, and a gate pass to get in the door. Basically this means that the most likely culprit is a fair participant. This is too disturbing a thought to bear. Hopefully the Grinch will realize how wrong he was and will return the items he's stolen.

Other than that, last week was terribly busy. Indrani and I had lunch at the new cafe on campus, Olives, on Monday. Chris came down to have lunch with me on Tuesday before going to solicit temporary employment with Cirque du Soleil in San Jose. Marlene called and we went to lunch at Darbar on Wednesday. And on Thursday, my roommate Allyson treated me to lunch at Fresh Choice. Add to that Monday night at the Plough, dinner with Jim on Tuesday, having Cy & Athena over for dinner on Wednesday, and laundry on Thursday night, and I barely had time to do all of my work, let alone pause for some reflection. And I'm quite certain it all did nothing good for my diet. But after last week's four pound gain of weight after 2 days of non-stop dancing was discouraging to say the least. So, I'm just glad I fit into my corset and jacket right now, and that's good enough for me today.


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