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Monday, December 02, 2002

Survived the first weekend of Dickens Fair. Saturday went by so fast that I was actually quite shocked when it was time for Wink. My only complaint was that though we went to all the trouble of arranging a particular friend for each of us young ladies, and a suitor or two, I'm not on the same schedule with any of them. In fact, out of all my very dearest friends I do Dickens to spend extra time with, not one of them has a compatible schedule with me. This was quite disappointing, and apparently, I'm not the only one in that situation. Shawna actually tore up her schedule on Saturday upon realizing that she could not spend one (out of three potential) breaks/time on street with her fiance, Sherman. Still, all in all, opening day went just smashingly.

On Sunday, the day dragged mercilessly. At four o'clock, I could've sworn it was time for closing. My dad came down on Sunday as well, and he actually broached the subject of our estrangement. He doesn't have a clue what he does wrong that drives me and everyone else away from him, but he has recognized that it happens and wishes it didn't. The only feedback I was willing to offer was that he tends to be rather judgemental. He's not really ready for much more than that. The funny thing was that right after we had that talk, he said that I ought to be starting to work on a Master's degree. I said that I was still thinking on what I'd like to pursue. He suggested Computer Science. I said absolutely not. Computers are just a means to an end for me, and I have no desire to be a programmer or a computer implementation project manager. I enjoy education, whether that's in computers, or English, or something else. I told him I might try for a Master's in Organizational Psychology, or I might get an RN degree so that I could do health education, either consumer health education or nursing education. He then proceeded to explain why the medical professions are very difficult and not what I'd expect and basically how that's a bad idea. You know, being judgemental. Sigh. Just once I'd love it if he'd support me on what I enjoy doing rather than telling me why the choice I'm making is not the right choice. He never thought being a teacher was a good idea, but it was my first love as a career choice, and though it didn't end up being my lifelong career, it was extremely valuable and important experience that led me to the job I have today. Anyway, it was a long day, brightened cheerfully by a brown paper package tied up with string from Mice and Wendy (with a Beauty and the Beast DVD inside!), and several waltzes with Paul, lots of time spent with Alex (and his dad).


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