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Monday, December 30, 2002

Wog. So it's been a busy week, largely away from all computer interaction. The last weekend of Dickens Fair was really great. I did my first ever turn in the Dark Garden window with my sisters (Lavinia and Cordelia) and a list of hearts to break. Add to that two smashing days of dancing, dancing and more dancing, and it was a fabulous weekend, followed by more dancing at the Plough on Monday.

I did not get down to the serious business of sleeping in in earnest until Christmas day. Since then, I haven't found my way out of bed before 11 for almost a week, and boy do I feel so much better. On the 23rd, when I had promised myself a chance to sleep long and late, my next door neighbors were finally getting their plumbing replaced. After waiting 18 days, the plumber finally decided to unload pipe from his van at 8 o'clock on Monday the 23rd. I was disappointed, but my body almost had a riot. Still, I managed to stave off a nasty illness by beating it back with plenty of hot tea and lemon, and lots of extra sleep ever since. This morning I roused myself just in time for lunch.

In the meantime I've been catching up on movies, having caught Star Trek: Nemesis (eh), Equilibruim (interesting, especially for $3), and The Lion King on IMAX (big and pretty) in the past week. I've also gotten to see Mice and Wendy's new place in San Ramon, had a few folks over for chili and games, and spent a day hanging out with Kevin. It's been just grand. I had originally planned to go away to my grandparent's cabin this week, but I think staying home has been even better.

Well, home in a relative sense anyway. It's off to the Plough tonight, and the NYE Ball tomorrow, and back to work on Thursday.


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