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Friday, January 03, 2003

And back to our regularly scheduled blog...

My romantic life took a left turn at Albuquerque the other day. Don't ask, but it's all good. I feel closer to Rick than I have in ages.

Reason number 74 why I do Fezziwigs:
I walked backstage on the last Saturday of Dickens Fair to find Bates straddling Laura on a chair (fully clothed), and Dawn (his wife) looking on with a grin on her face. David was sitting in another chair changing from his Mr. Fezziwig knickers into his kilt when Steve suggested we should show him the hide-the-suitor trick. Steve ducked under my hoop skirts and wrapped himself around my legs and became completely invisible save for the bit of grey frock coat hanging out from under my skirt. Elizabeth, who had been fussing on her own business, surveyed the room, and smiled. When Steve popped back out from under my skirts, she blushed and giggled. David finished slipping off his tights and Elizabeth dared to ask about his undies, which promptly followed.Elizabeth fluttered away, one mass of very rosy cheeked giggles. Moments later we were all standing out front again, being perfect little Victorians, all very prim and proper.

Caught up on some more movies: Catch Me If You Can (very fun) and Chicago (hot!).

Working from home for the past two days. Wish I could do that all the time. It's nice. And quiet. It's easy to get a lot done, then look up and realize it's only been three hours or so.


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