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Friday, January 17, 2003

HAHAHAHAHA! Tivo loves me!!!!

So I came home tonight and curled up with a bowl of soup to watch the first new episode of Angel in more than a month. And it wasn't there. It went Gilmore Girls (from Tuesday) right on to Friends (from Thursday). No Angel in between. I was so sad. Tivo had disappointed me. I went back to the Season Pass Manager and realized that I'd forgotten to set up Angel since he hadn't been on since our Tivo was repaired. All my other season passes were there, but no Angel. I set it up for next week, but then disappointedly went on to ER. Sniff.

Just before bed, I scrolled down to see what Tivo had been recording of its own free will. And there it was. Angel. With a level of gleeful laughter (that kinda scared Rick), I switched it to Save Until I Delete.

God bless Tivo. Tivo knows me. Tivo loves me. And I love Tivo.


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