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Thursday, January 23, 2003

It was a long strange weekend. I went to Squonk Opera on Friday night, after an hour of Balkan singing rehearsals for Lenai. After the show, I headed back to the rehearsals (all this was happening on campus at Stanford) just in time to go out to dinner with everyone at Taxis on University where we were offered table service by the very enthusiastic cashier. Sweet kid.

Saturday morning I woke up with the most excruciating pain in my lower back. I think it may have been the running from the rehearsal to the theater (in heels). I'm not sure. All I know is that that it hurt. A lot. Still does. It's getting better slowly though. Now, five days into it, four ibuprofen every six hours seems to be dulling it sufficiently.

Saturday evening, Sean and Monica came over since Sean's Tivo had gotten confused about Angel's new day and time. The season pass manager in Tivo has a cool function to allow you to decide what takes priority if two shows are on at the same time. It works out pretty well, if you think about setting it up. With Angel's move to Wednesday, it's now opposite The West Wing. I'm not sure I comprehend the WB's thinking there, but whatever. Anyway, Sean and Monica came over, TV was consumed, and then they showed us his new Mini-Cooper. Very nice. It even has an oil slick switch. Okay, so in reality, it just rolls down the window. But it's labeled "Oil Slick". It really is a cute car, and far more spacious than I expected. If only they came in a hybrid model....

So Sunday the great breakfast mission continued based on a recommendation from Sean. We went to Stacks in Campbell. It was pretty decent, but it had some really odd quirks. I looked up their address online before going on Sunday and found that a user on Citysearch had given it a low rating because of "Don Juan". So I admit, I was looking for it. But he was there. If it was young and cute and wearing makeup or heels, he was somehow drawn to their table for every little thing. For better or worse, he did not favor Kelly or I with such attention. I think there's a strong chance she would've thrown him to the ground if he had. The other odd quirk about the place was that even though their name implied pancakes, those only appeared on the menu in a cameo role. By contrast, almost every breakfast featured both potatoes and a bagel. I don't know why. I asked for a pancake to be substituted for my bagel, but they wouldn't do that. Okie dokie. Anyhoo, Stacks wasn't bad, but it didn't break into the top five either.

Monday I spent hunting for a hotel. In London. Rick and I are finally going. We're leaving March 22nd, spending 7 nights in and around London, and 7 nights in and around Paris. So on Monday, I found a great site called and they had a listing for the Rushmore Hotel, which was one of the ones I'd circled in the Frommer's guide, so we're staying there. On Tuesday night, I narrowed down Paris and sent email. It looks like we'll be at the Familia Hotel in Paris. I can't wait. Rick has never been off of this continent. And we've been wanting to go for four years. And now it's really going to happen. He's got a passport. We've got plane tickets. And I can hear Mickey whispering in my ear, "Beinvenue Ammy!" Wheeee!


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