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Monday, January 06, 2003

It's official. I'm a Sunday night insomniac. This has to stop. For some reason, most Sunday nights, if I don't fall asleep before 11:00, I won't fall asleep until after 3am. I just lay there reading away, not the least bit sleepy, watching the precious time slip away when I should be sleeping. And it's driving me nuts. So far, the only solution I've found at all is going to sleep in the other room, alone, in a bed that is not my own. I don't know why that helps, but it seems to.

I know a huge part of the problem is thinking, "Oh crap, if I fall asleep right now, I'll only get x hours a sleep before I have to get up and go to work." But that's not all of it. Ordinarily, I might think much the same thing, but pass out within a half hour nevertheless. But for some reason that doesn't happen on Sunday nights.

For a long time it's always been hard for me to fall asleep unless I can read myself to sleep. That's a nasty habit that started in college. Too many things to read as an English major, and not nearly enough hours of sleep. Now, even that trick doesn't work on Sunday nights.

Reading all the various literature on the web about things to do to avoid insomnia don't make sense or don't apply to me. It's not like I have trouble sleeping most of the time. Only Sunday nights.

And the amazing part about it last night was that I had spent an hour in a hot tub before bedtime, so I was so totally relaxed and ready for bed when I climbed in. Then I just read and read and read, and looked over a couple of hours later and just sighed.

Well, here's to a good night's sleep tonight.


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