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Wednesday, January 15, 2003

More fodder for the great SUV debate. Mark Morford has a really fun writing style, and he uses it to lambaste Hummer owners. Alternet sticks closer to a straightforward book review. But the real answer is to buy the book.

I think my favorite part of Mark Morford's article was this line: "And, given the horrible visibility from SUVs, their drivers have a rather unfortunate habit of running over their own children in the driveway. True." The number one reason SUV owners give me for owning one is that it let's them have a better view of traffic. Too bad that view has such a high cost.

I promise to get off my soap box soon, but dammit, it's time these things were said, and it's time to fight the battle. SUVs should have to conform to the same fuel economy and safety standards that other cars do. We should have cars that protect us from the common situations (minor fender benders in heavy traffic), not the extraordinary (like a 100 year flood).


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