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Thursday, January 23, 2003

Today I am discouraged. If someone asks how I'm feeling, that's probably what I'll say.

So I haven't been insanely strict with my diet, taking an opportunity to have a couple of nice breakfasts in the last couple weeks. But I've been good during the work week. But I've been less active since the end of Fezzis, and especially less active this week due to my back. Net result: back up to 151. I hate my body.

There was a great deal of whining from the Student Administration Working Group about the PeopleSoft 8 upgrade a week or so ago. One particularly influential person feels that all of these administrative systems upgrades are just too challenging for the users. And there's no CEO at Stanford who can say, "Too bad, we're doing it anyway." Net result: They're planning to delay the upgrade, again. This also delays my project, and totally destroys my Campus Readiness plan.

A bunch of my friends went to the war protest in San Francisco this weekend. A comment was made, to which I replied that I didn't think marching up Market Street didn't do much of anything beyond get pretty pictures on the news, and piss off those who needed to be in San Francisco that day for other reasons, citing my experience in October with trying to get to La Boheme, but it taking over 2 hours because of the protest. I ended up getting flamed, which I kind of expected, and then they've all spent the last 3 days bickering back and forth, taking all the energy any of us has to fight, and wasting it on fighting with each other rather than finding some more creative or effective means of getting Bush's/Congress's/the world's attention. Net result: no one's mind was changed (about the value of protests, let alone whether or not there should be a war), and I don't have the time or energy left to do anything to stop the coming war.

We're going to end up in a war in Iraq, and there's no discernable good reason other than George W. wants it. We're going to delay the project, and drag things out for the users, and force them to come to repeated trainings rather than one consolidated training. I'm going to stay fat no matter what. And I'm just plain discouraged.


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