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Friday, January 31, 2003

You know, Craig's List is just plain cool. I was trying to think of someplace that would have movers without trucks - you know, just strong arms and backs for the heavy lifting. Craig's list has a whole category just for that sort of thing.

Oh. we're moving to Mountain View by the way. At the start of December, our next door neighbor had his ceiling fall in on his bathroom. Our landlord then hired his handyman to take care of the repairs. 32 days later, Mo had a working toilet and shower again. In the meantime, he was given a key to an empty apartment in the building and told to go down there to use the toilet and shower. At the beginning of January, they told Mo that they were generously offering him a $300 discount on his rent. He said, "You're charging me rent this month?"

We realized it was time to move. No longer could we wait for the right place to buy. So we started looking for a new place to rent. We've found a lovely place in Mountain View with 3 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths including a garage and a washer/dryer that doesn't require quarters, all for $1500 a month. But the fun at our current residence hasn't stopped yet.

The handyman has entered our home more than once without permission. And it's been over two months since we asked to have the toilet in the second bedroom fixed, and when Hiugo (the handyman) finally came in to fix it,without letting us know he would be entering our home, he didn't fix the other toilet downstairs which we told them three weeks ago had started running as well. Oh, and his fix-it job on the upstairs toilet didn't work. Yesterday we came home to find the water in our shower turned all the way to the hot side, and a small pile of dirt next to the shower. This was the only way we knew that Higuo had been in our apartment again, and there is nothing wrong with the bathroom in our bedroom, so I have no idea why he thought he was allowed to go in there without so much as permission to enter the premises. It's getting very creepy.

I don't know what comes next. All I do know is I'm going to miss Santa Clara. I've really learned to like living here. I love Cosentino's market. I really love Silicon Valley Power. Our new place has a 1 year lease with one very important clause - if we buy a place, the lease dissolves. This time I'm serious. I don't want to move again unless I'm buying. I just wish our current landlord hadn't made it impossible to wait it out here until the summer until the right place in Pomeroy West becomes available. Hopefully I'll be back in Santa Clara before long.


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