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Monday, February 03, 2003

Okay, I stand corrected. Shuttle fuel isn't made from oil.

But I disagree with Anthony. Sure, Bush might actually value space exploration. It's not completely out of the realm of possibility. It doesn't change the fact that I fear him hurting things I care about. He has done everything in his power to mess with sex education in America and around the world. He has flouted the separation of church and state with his Faith Based Initiaves. And Saddam Hussein has done NOTHING to antagonize the US in the last year, but the Shrub (whom I call such, since I'm not going to type out George W. Bush to differentiate him from his dad) has decided to go stir the pot for no readily apparent reason. The entire world has been asking for months for him to just make the case. Tell us what Saddam is doing that is so bad that we have license to march in and overthrow him, killing thousands of civilians in the process. But W. was talking war in the first week that UN weapons inspectors were back on the scene. Why? It makes no sense. Prior to World War 2, America was 39th in the world for military power. We were known for being xenophobic. All of Europe was at war before we got involved. In fact, it took an attack on our soil to get us involved. We had an attack on us a year and a half ago, and we went and pounded the crap out of Afghanistan as a result. But how the hell did we get to the point where we _needed_ to attack Iraq? (couldn't catch bin Laden. Hey! Let's go kick Saddam's ass instead!) I just don't get it. And yes, I'm still waiting to hear some good reasons from the Shrub. His last attempt was fucking pathetic. If we need to go to war with Iraq, make the case and let the nation decide. If you can't make the case, the stop rattling your saber. Yes, we may have to suffer the consequences eventually, but our job as a nation is not to be a bully. If anything, we should set a good example. If other countries treated us the way we're treating Iraq, we'd be pissed off. Oh, and you know, that's exactly what's happening. The people of Iraq are seeing Americans (more than ever before) as big dumb bullies who think they own the world.


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