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Thursday, February 06, 2003

Remember that thing I said about praise a few weeks ago? Still true.

I was in the blackest mood Tuesday evening. The whole layoff thing hit me hard. It was just so far out of left field that I was completely caught off guard. I just wanted to go home, eat a lot of chocolate, and veg out in front of the TV. Rick strongly encouraged me to go ahead and go to my Latin Dance class. The last thing I felt like doing was dancing, especially a form of dance that I'm not good at or comfortable doing.

But I went to class anyway. And it was a good thing. Josh, a chap I sort of know from several of these classes, was short a wife this week and asked me to be his first partner, which was great because we're both good dancers who are just new at the Latin Dance thing. Suddenly we were both doing better than we had for the entire run of the class. He gave me a couple of tips. And then came the compliment. He said I was the only one in class who looked natural doing the hip thing. I said, "Wow, that's amazing considering that's the one thing that terrifies me about Latin dance. My hips just don't do that." He said, "Actually, they do, and it looks like you've been doing it for years."

And the blackness lifted. And I started being able to go on with my life. Things will be okay. I'm taking a sort of a "So be it" kind of attitude toward things. And it's not going to screw up our trip to Europe, not even if it means I have to put a nasty dent in my savings account.

Add to that a rocking good time playing air hockey with Bates last night, and I'm doing pretty okay. Now if I could just convince Rick to start sleeping again...


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