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Thursday, February 13, 2003

So there's a kind of cosmic balance sheet to my life. I live on the peaks and valleys rather than on the flat plains, which is ultimately the way I like it. Things are really good for a lot of the time, but then there's seems to be some sort of force in the universe that comes along from time to time and reminds me what it's like when things don't go so well. Most of the time those things hit me like a ton of bricks. This time, I'm sort of more bemused by it. If things are this screwy right now, then hell, it's gotta be better really soon. Perhaps by not cracking under the weight of these trials, I'm inviting more trials, but let's hope not.

Here's the story to date: We bought plane tickets to London on British Airways. The U.S. and England are intent on starting a war with Iraq. Heathrow is now surrounded by tanks. A week ago Saturday, we signed a one year lease on a new residence. A week ago Tuesday, Rick got a layoff notice and all the development teams were walked out the door that day. We're going forward with packing and moving on faith that things will get better. I have contracted some sort of nasty chest cold that has had me laid up and unable to pack for the last few days. We're moving on Sunday and being ready seems unlikely.

So, to sum up: war may interrupt the vacation I've been waiting four years to take, Rick's layoff may mean that our new home is in the wrong location or that we can't afford the rent, and my illness may mean that we won't be ready when our friends arrive to move stuff. I guess the common thread is that these are all maybes at this point. I still might be able to pull it out. War may fizzle. And god knows what work is out there. Me, I'm just bumping along. The big picture is still pretty darned good as far as I can tell, so I'm just going on faith that all of these maybes will turn out to be nothing to fret over.


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