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Saturday, March 29, 2003

It's our last day in London and we just picked up half priced tickets to see The Reduced Shakespeare Company do The Complete Works of Shakespeare (abridged) for half price on Leicster Square. After that, it's back to the hotel to do a bit of laundry at the laundromat down the street.

Things have been really great so far. London is just a fabulous town. Rick and I have been mistaken for locals twice now, once by a tourist looking for a tube stop, and then just now by a Londoner taking a survey. She said, ''Wait, are you tourists?'' Um, yeah....

London has a company that offers really great walking tours. We took a London Panorama walk on Monday afternoon, which was a lovely overview of downtown London and Westminister including a boat ride down the Thames. Last night we took an 'Along the Thames' pub walk. Also, just lovely. At the first pub stop, we followed our tour guide down the the banks of the Thames for some beach combing. He pointed out the medieval roof tiles and bits of clay tobacco pipes. I picked up a few for souvenirs.

Thursday we drove out to Bath, with the intention of stopping at Salisbury and Stonehenge on the way. We kind of missed, but did get to see Silbury Hill and Avebury instead where you can actually walk up and touch the henge. Then we headed on the rest of the way to Bath. Driving on the other side of the road is pretty easy, but the roundabouts are really stressful for a rookie. Not only was I struggling with orientation, I was also trying to figure out how gutsy I could stand being. They just don't believe in stop signs here though. Every intersection is a roundabout in the country. But the country is beautiful. In Bath we wandered through town and drooled madly at the costume museum (and the costume museum bookshop). Then we went to the Roman Baths and drank the water - warm and sulfery, kind of like drinking Davis water on a hot summer day. Not exactly tasty, but good for you they say. Getting back to London, we got wicked lost trying to get back to the airport. Between poor maps, lack of reading the directions, and missing signs, we ended up two hours later than planned. Oh well. Should've taken the train, but it was an experience driving on the left, so whatever.

Wednesday we did theater. First, The Lion King, which was good, but I already knew the story of course, so I actually enjoyed our second show, Ragtime, much more. Ragtime is as good as John told me it was when he tried to get me to go see it while it and I were in L.A.. I should've done it then, but now was just perfect too.

Well, gotta run to the theater. We'll see if internet access is as easy in Paris.


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