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Thursday, March 13, 2003

So I was thinking about war stuff this morning while listening to NPR. There's an actual reason why W is getting all huffy and angsty about getting the war underway - Iraqi summers. We can't win a war against 130 degree summer heat in the desert. So on some level, I see why he's rushing into this. Either he gets the war underway in the next couple of weeks, or he has to put it off until next fall. And the world is just not cooperating with his project timeline.

There's a good chance that W needs to be slapped around. War doesn't happen on a tidy time schedule. It's messy. And destroying diplomatic relations with almost every country in the world does not help things. Even his dad sees that.

But there W is, stomping his feet and whining, "But I want to do this now! I hate waiting!" Poor baby.


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