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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

After 10 days of absolutely beautiful weather, it started raining tonight. I'm so not complaining.

Today we toured the Montmarte, including the Museum of Erotic Art. They were showing some antique porno films on video. Amazing stuff. Women with womany bodies. Men with average sized penises. If they'd sold them in a version that would work on American television screens, I would've bought a copy in an instant. The best items in the exhibition were some Chinese figures that looked like perfectly normal little statuettes, unless they're sitting on a glass table where you can see the underside. These were displayed through glass with a little mirror so that you didn't have to crane around. There was a buddha stroking his penis, a couple copulating, a woman masturbating, and many more. They totally rocked.

Yesterday we hit Disneyland Paris. For better and worse, it's maturing. They've just opened a second park (Disney Studios), and the Disney Village adjoining them is the most American place in all of France, including the usual chains, a New York Deli, a steakhouse, a sports bar. It was oppressive. We grabbed a crepe and ran for the train, certain we could find better dinner back in Paris. I still really like Disneyland Paris. Phantom Manor is great. It's got a fairly clear bride theme throughout. And Space Mountain is the only coaster with a loop and a corkscrew that I like. I also went on the Indy coaster, which now travels backwards. Very scary, but over quickly, and kind of fun. The best part about this park though is Sleeping Beauty's castle. It's just what I think Walt would do if he were alive today. After walking through the gates, you climb up to the upper floor to view the stained glass windows showing the fairy tale in various scenes. Below the castle is a dragon that is animatronic. It's well done, and scary enough to scare the littlest kids.

Tomorrow it's on to the more traditional circuit - Musee d'Orsay, the Louvre, Notre Dame, St. Chapelle, etc. Wheeee!


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