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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Day three. Still back.

So the first day back, I was all inspired and decided I should take the train to work. Rick and I both walked to the train station in the morning. I hopped the train. It was a couple of minutes late, so I missed the 8:45 Marguerite shuttle, caught the 9am shuttle, then got stuck in traffic and arrived at work at 9:25. Not successful.

The second day back I caught an earlier train because, well, I was up. Then I caught a different Marguerite shuttle. It still took almost 30 minutes from train arrival to getting off the shuttle. That's just too much time to waste in the mornings. By tomorrow, I suspect all hint of jet lag will have worn off and I'll be a sleepyhead again. I can't get up an extra 30-40 minutes early just to take public transit.

This morning, I drove to work. Three days back, and I've given up. Public transport in America just doesn't work. I miss the Metro. I wish I had some way to get EU citizenship. I'd be really willing to make a go of it in London or Paris. Especially Paris. What an amazing city.


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