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Wednesday, April 09, 2003

One innovation in trans-Atlantic flight that I really appreciate is the addition of an in chair tv screen. Nothing passes the time like watching a movie. And movies that I might never take the time to watch in real life can be entertaining when they're the only major distraction available.

I watched Maid in Manhatten on my way back to the states. It was actually better than I expected, but the more important observation was how much good music gets its start in the cinema. Norah Jones had two songs in that movie, and they're the only two of hers I've heard get radio airplay. Radio is so unexperimental these days that it seems like it's up to a commercial or a movie to bless a song as safe and entertaining, then it gets radio play. This seems completely pathetic, but on the other hand, it explains why so many of the CDs I own are soundtracks of some kind. The movie was completely forgettable, but the music was worth remembering.


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