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Thursday, May 29, 2003

Alameda is a wacky town. Full of gorgeous old Victorians, a wacky small town feel, and a little bit of an odd sense of humor. On this bench in Alameda, the inscription really does read "In Memory of My Dumb Friends".

Rick walked from Morgan's place back to Frank and Janelle's place on Sunday, and found a lost wallet along the way. After digging through it trying to find a phone number or email address to no avail, we called a couple of other numbers. After calling his mom, and mom's husband (dad?) said, "Oh, no, we don't know where to find him. We disowned him years ago," we decided the best thing to do was hand the wallet in at the police station. On Monday on the way to breakfast, we ran across a police cruiser in the same neighborhood as the bench, handed them the wallet, and asked after the origins of the inscription on the bench. The woman cop asked her partner and said some of the "saltier, old guys" might know, but she didn't.

And then we had our waffle at Ole's. Mmm.... waffle. Should've taken a picture of the waffle.


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