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Monday, May 19, 2003

Blogging from the kitchen.

I'm waiting for pasta to boil, blogging from my Jornada, now newly enabled with the wireless network.

I'm not at the Plough again tonight because I was on the edge of having a migraine earlier today. All of the symptoms leading to the start of it, then something went twang! in my head at 3:21 (yes, it was abrupt enough to make me look at the clock) and I started feeling more like myself. And hungry for the first time all day. Anyway, the net result was that I didn't start getting too much done before that, so had to stay there and work even though I was feeling better. Just got home a few minutes ago, and I'm making a pot of my mom's new minnestrone soup recipe, and boiling some pasta to go with leftover sauce for tonight's dinner, since the soup takes about an hour to cook and pasta takes 10 minutes and it's already pretty late.

The upside to staying late at work was that I made a significant amount of work done on the Authority Manager tutorial. I hope to finish the very rough draft tomorrow, and start working on making it pretty next.

Pasta's done!


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