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Tuesday, May 13, 2003


So I was all prepared to get really grumpy if they cancelled all three of my Joss Whedon shows in one year. First Fox killed Firefly. For this they will rot in hell. Then the Buffy series ended, and well, I guess I'm okay with that. I'm sure everyone wants to move on. Then the WB was holding off on stating the fate of Angel, and I started to get really really pissy.

This is of course after realizing that when giving a presentation a couple of weeks ago, my banter with the audience had a distinctly Whedonesque tone to it. The audience never knew, but they did laugh.

[spoiler warning!!!]

So today in my inbox was the Angel Chronicles newsletter. They made me click to the WB website to find out that yes, Angel will be returning. What's more, James Marsters will be joining the cast. More Spike-y goodness! Hooray! If only Willow was slated to be there too. Oh well. Guess we'll find out what happens to the rest of the gang in a week or so.

[/spoiler warning!!!]


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