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Friday, May 02, 2003

Oh. My. God.

So for the entire month of April, my blog wouldn't post. There was some 404 FTP error I kept getting. Kevin diagnosed it as definitely occurring from Blogger's end. I sent them several Blogger Control help tickets starting on April 9th after Kevin looked at it extensively from his end. These went unreviewed. For a month. Kevin was going to set up Moveable Type for me, but hadn't gotten around to it between school and job interviews and illness. I got so fed up that I actually started a new blog using their Dano beta just to be able to put in a Blogger Control ticket that would get reviewed. It never got marked as reviewed, but after three days, it mysteriously changed from being a Dano ticket to being a regular Blogger ticket.

And then today, as if the time that my blog had to spend in purgatory was over, it suddenly started posting to the web. I guess it's May now so it's thirty days pennance are up. I don't know whether to be overjoyed, or still mad at Blogger. It's hard to stay mad at Blogger when I'm listening to my new Kitka CD. Still a little mad though.


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