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Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Okay, so I couldn't help it. Even though we had plans with Athena to watch the final episode of Buffy this evening, I heard about the Buffy showing at the Parkway, and we couldn't resist. We drove up and stood in long line only to be told, "Sorry, it's sold out." Aw. As we started to walk away, I overheard the manager talking to the box office person saying, "Well, you can sell, um, maybe, let's see, 10 more tickets." With a quick about face, I slapped the money on the counter. She said, "No refunds?" I said, "No problem." We headed in, grabbed two seats fairly close together, moved them closer together ('cause the Parkway is cool like that) and Rick went out to move his car from the forbidden parking lot. I struck up a conversation with our new tablemates, Clarissa and Jared, a nice couple who moved out here in 2000 from Texas. I mentioned to them that they didn't exactly look like they belonged in Texas. They offered me a high five. Apparently, they're really glad to be here.

Buffy was great. There was a lot crammed into an hour, not all of which made perfect sense, but I loved the end. And I loved the scene with the original gang standing in the hall discussing what to do after the big battle (go shopping, of course!). I'm gonna miss Buffy a lot. But last night, I had to be there, in a large group setting, finishing this with everyone else. There's a lot to be said for a group experience, and Buffy night has always been about sharing it with others, whether physically at the time, or online the next day. And maybe that's what I'll miss the most. Buffy night. I could always count on at least 2 or 3 groups of friends having a Buffy night gathering. And tonight, I'm having my last Buffy night at home with Cy, Athena, Paul, Bill, and Rick.

Last night's mass experience of the finale was followed by a mass viewing of Once More, With Feeling. There was some singing along, but mostly just reverence. I hope Joss takes a nice break after this year, recharges his batteries, and comes back swinging in a year or so with some killer new TV. I'm still mergly about Firefly being cancelled, but if it makes room in his head for more greatness, so be it. I guess. Nah. I just wish I still had Firefly to look forward to. Grr. Arg.

Aw drat, I'm rambling. Better go buy tickets to Alegria now. Oh, and do some work. Yeah.


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