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Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Remember the Great Breakfast Quest? It lives! We were house/catsitting for some friends in Alameda this weekend (who happen to have the cutest, most loving pair of kitties I've encountered in ages), and Sunday morning called for yummy breakfast out. I'd heard good things about Ole's Waffle Shop, but this place was great. It looked like it was frozen in time from 1975. The wall behind the counter was wide alternating stripes of burnt orange and creamy yellow. The waitresses still sported Dorothy Hamill cuts. And the waffle was to die for. Rick had the biscuits and gravy and I had the spicy turkey sausage special. We split a waffle on the side. It was all good. Really good. But the waffle. The waffle is what waffles are supposed to be. It was perfect. Crispy on the outside without being tough, soft and flavorful on the inside. Spoiling it with syrup was too much for me. The waffle was good enough on its own. Rick had the syrup, and it was real maple syrup. Yum. I was in waffle heaven. So much so that we came back the next morning on our way out of town for the waffle special. No splitting of waffles this time. I wanted my own. So we each had the Waffle Special - $5.05. The bacon was glorious. The waffle was perfection, again. And I'm just so glad I don't live in Alameda, because I'd eat there way to often. Yummy yummy waffle. Mmm...

Oh, and I turned 29 on Saturday. (mmm.... waffle) Had a really great party up at Alex's new place in the Oakland Hills. I got some unexpectedly wonderful gifts. I never expect people to give birthday presents to old people, but I guess other folks think differently. Cathleen gave me a gorgeous little handbag with a stunning brooch inside. My grandma sent a tin of her gingersnaps and a stack of hair conditioners from her hair dye boxes. I know that doesn't sound cool, but it really really is. It's the best conditioner, and you can't buy it without buying the hair dye. My mom got me the first season of Twin Peaks on DVD. Now I get to try to inflict it on Rick. (mmm... waffle) I also got a nice bottle of merlot from Heather, with the added bonus of having a Heather around for once in a blue moon. Just don't see enough of that girl anymore. Megan brought me copies of the CDs from the first guerrilla dance in SF. Can't wait to rip those and listen at my desk. Foot tapping and bum bouncing will likely ensue.

Sunday I went to the first St. Patrick's dance rehearsal. It was good, though I was well and truly reminded about one of the major downsides of faire - the sun. Dancing on dirt, under a blazing sun, in too many clothes. This sounds like a good idea how? Ah well, we'll see. If I can get a costume together, I think I'd like to help them out. I also think I want to see about starting an Irish ceili class here on campus, maybe as a HIP class. It's great exercise. I'm in great cardiovascular health for someone who is technically "obese". I can polka at insane speeds for longer than almost anyone I know. Now there's a sentence that doesn't come up often. (mmm... waffles. Yes, there's a reason why I'm obese.)

Yesterday, Cyrus and Athena had a barbecue at their house. In the second half of the evening, we'd played Apples to Apples several times, and finally settled in to watch American Pie, which I'd never seen. Mostly, it was an uninspiring movie, especially for one so high on itself as "reflecting the teen experience" which it didn't really in my opinion. Try Pump Up the Volume instead. Please. Anyway, like I was saying, uninspiring, except for Allyson Hannigan. God damn that woman is the sexiest geek ever. When she screams, "What's my name?! Say my name, bitch!" I was glad I'd sat through the rest of the movie. Unfortunately, that meant missing the Plough. Oh well. Definitely be there next week. The Authority tutorial will be done, and Dirk and Tracey and Camryn will be in town.

Wait, the Authority tutorial. Dangit. Gotta work now... (mmm... waffles...)


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