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Thursday, June 05, 2003

God damn it. For every pissant victory, there's three actions by the overly homogenous congress and executive branch that just make me want to scream.

I used the ACLU action form and sent a fax on this one, adding this to their suggested text:
"A flag is a symbol of a nation. Flag burning is a symbolic protest of the
actions of that nation. It harms no one, but does serve to make a point in
a non-violent, non-agressive way. This is the foundation of free speech in
America - the ability to voice our opinion so long as the way we do it
doesn't physically hurt others. By banning flag burning, it symbolically
states that our nation no longer wants to hear the voice of its people."

Heaven knows it won't do a lick of good, but I seriously feel like we're sliding into Heinlein's vision of Coventry. Sure, there's good news here and there, but I'm scared to let myself be pleased with any of it, because it's just a distraction from the evils being perpetrated. I can't believe they really passed the "Partial Birth" abortion ban, and a no flag burning bill in the same week. Gah!


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