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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Had a really great weekend with Dirk and Camryn. They arrived on Saturday and we spent the afternoon playing around the house. Camryn is still the best kid I've ever met. If I could order one just like her, I might consider having kids. Still, getting to borrow her periodically is probably better. It's amazing how kids can have so much fun with the simplest things. A green blanket tossed over Rick's head became the green monster. We all took turns being the green monster. Camryn would throw herself to the floor, and we'd throw the blanket over her, and she'd growl and roar. The only cure for a green monster is tickles.

We babysat while Dad went off to a wedding on Sunday evening. We went to the pool, which was still a tad chilly, especially for Camryn. She got as far as her ankles, and then told Rick he should swim and she'd watch. She loved watching him duck under the water and pop back out. With dire warnings about how tough tooth brushing would be and not to expect her to fall asleep, we got through it all with flying colors - clean kiddo, clean teeth, stories read, a quick call to mom for a song, another story, and then out before the end of it. She is such an amazing little angel. She's got eyes to make an anime character jealous. Gotta get up to Seattle soon.

Meanwhile, it's 3 more weeks of hibernation until I've got to have everything done. Don't expect to see me out and about much. Well, except Friday Night Waltz. And Gaskells. And Ardenwood. And SF Free Folk Fest. And, well, okay, during the week. Ahem.


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