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Thursday, June 26, 2003

I just had the strangest experience. I had a lovely lunch with Daniel, a chap I became acquainted with at Fezziwigs last season. He was the dancer I could always count on to save me this year. Each year, there seems to be one patron who shows up regularly and is a good dancer and who willingly dances with me. Daniel was that person this year, bless him. He's here on campus this week doing waltz week.

Anyway, we were walking back out of the Beckman Bistro, and I noticed that one of the tree planters was smoking. Turns out, it was actually smoldering. No real flames per se, but it had gone from a cigarette butt to actually igniting the surrounding leaves and mulch. I tried crushing it out with a wad of paper that was in the planter, but it was too hot for that. So I ran back downstairs, grabbed a water bottle, refilled it in the bathroom, and ran back upstairs. I carefully poured the water first in the center of the smoldering mass, then as that sizzled out, widened my circle until everything was wet and a lot cooler. I still smell like smoke.

I'm glad I noticed. But wow is that seriously odd. Perhaps the karma fairy wanted to give me a freebie. Who knows.

Addendum: On my way to my next meeting, there was a woman looking really lost in the field. I asked her if she was, and she pointed at the map and said, "Is this Panama street?" She was far more lost than she though. 90 degrees and about 1000 feet off course. So I pointed her back in the right direction. Now I'm really wondering if the karma fairy was out there throwing things in my path today. If so, I'm hoping I passed the test and got a couple of chits in the bank. I could use some good fortune in the next month or so.


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