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Monday, June 09, 2003

More than a few folks have asked me about what I said about the Plough last week. For the record, it wasn't that I had a rotten time last Monday. On the contrary, it was mostly good. But it just didn't feel like home anymore. And the ratio of time and energy invested didn't seem to pay off in the enjoyment value received. And I never in a million years thought I would get to that point, but as I approach my ten year anniversary there, it seems more and more likely that my tolerance for the annoyances will not continue to exceed the joy of being there, and therefore, I will stop taking the trek on a regular basis. I could list of a litany of reasons why I've gotten to this point, and I have given a different set of reasons to just about everyone who has asked (with a few items showing up consistently in each version), but there's no good reason to go into that. They're the reasons for me, but I would not care to share them lest I shorten anyone else's length of enjoyment of the Plough on Mondays. It's still a special, sometimes magical place, and I feel a loss to not see it in my future. But for the first time ever (*well, not ever, but the first time since the first year I was dancing there), I think it's a real possibility. And that makes me terribly sad.

I may be totally wrong. All this may not matter three, six, or twelve months from now. But I may be right. And that revelation is actually what I was originally intending to write about.


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