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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Wog. Marathon day at work yesterday. Phone calls and meetings and emails during business hours followed by another six hours of creating a presentation and developing the help pages for the Worklist Manager. Left here at 11:00. I expected to sleep in this morning, but Thomas stayed over last night and between he and Rick being up til 2 playing video games and then the two of them getting up at 8 and padding around the house, I was awake, so I headed on into work. The bad part of that is that I'm too tired to do it again tonight, and I really need to. So, I'll probably be here on Sunday. Such is the way of it. I finished the Authority Manager Tutorial on Monday (or at least as much as is going to get done before August). Now I have to do the Originator and Approver tutorials is half the time it took to do the Authority tutorial. Yes, that's twice as much in half the time. I'm screwed. And I really wish I was a machine instead of a biological entity. And I've already gained six pounds from being in front of my desk too much. I really hope I fit into my costume for the Ardenwood Celtic Festival on Saturday. And I have nothing to ready to wear for Gaskells. Oy.


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