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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Wow. It's possible I may have finally overfilled my tolerance for Starry Plough bullshit. It no longer seems worthwhile to drive 2.5 hours on a weeknight to dance. They say that the crowd at the Plough turns over thoroughly every ten years. I thought for sure I could beat that statistic, but I don't think I will. I've been gone because of work for the last month or so, and my ability to tolerate the crap didn't improve. Usually I miss it so much that I'll tolerate anything to go back. But I think I'm done now. Weird. Maybe I'll feel different in the fall. For the near term, I'll be working really late for another 3 weeks. After that I may try again. But I think I should definitely wait it out until I want to deal with the place as it is.

Of course, I'm feeling really disconnected from my life and the things I used to enjoy in general right now. Maybe it's just a phase. Maybe I'll feel different next month. But right now, I think if someone offered me a dream job far away, I would actually consider it. Go figure.

One odd thing I've noticed. When my friends have kids, within a year, they move away or seriously consider it. Dirk and Tracey did. Bill and Cynthia are looking at Missouri right now. Elizabeth and Sean are looking at Colorado. Have kid, will leave. Why is that?


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