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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Busy busy busy. I'm not working more than normal at this point, but getting caught up to the starting line again is a lot of work, especially when burnout looms and there's a total lack of recognition for the effort and achievement put forth in the last couple of months.

Last Thursday I got to go see Wicked at the Curran theater. The show was truly great. I really hope it thrives on Broadway. The cast was impressive. The main character was played by Idina Menzel who was the original Maureen on Broadway. The show really took the box that the Wizard of Oz inhabited, turned it 90 degrees and told it as a completely different story. This version was a story about civil rights and how when you try to do something good, sometimes it comes out all wrong. I highly recommend going to see it before it flies off to Broadway.


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