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Saturday, July 12, 2003

It's been a long strange week. Kevin's dad's death hit me a little harder than I expected. I found myself utterly speechless in a 10:00 meeting on Tuesday that started about 1 minute after I got off the phone with Kevin. Harish asked me to report on status and I said, "um, can you come back to me. I just found out my best friend's dad died, and I'm not ready." Luckily he acquiesced. The rest of the week had that event as a subtext. I called my mom. Tried to call my dad. His answering machine isn't working and he's off somewhere for FEMA. I wanted to let him know that I really appreciated the effort he's been making this year. Our relationship has always been rocky because he tends to be highly negative and judgemental, but he's been trying to be a better person lately, and I want that to be rewarded. Unfortunately, the postcards he sends from back east don't have address info, and his answering machine at home isn't working. Mergle. Hopefully we'll be able to repair our relationship and come to some understanding before he dies.

Kevin's dad apprently died of a heart attack. I really feel like I lost a big opportunity by not knowing him better. His life had a lot to teach, and he was just a fascinating person. I decided on Wednesday or Thursday not to go down for the funeral. With a week and a half before my project goes live, and plans every night this week, getting away was going to be tough. I had thought of going to support Kev, but then found out he had Rachel, Karen, and Emily coming, and suddenly I was worrying about being more of a burden than an asset. I sent a gift down for Kevin (some favorite candy, and a gift certificate for some tub time at Watercourse Way for when Kev is ready/able to relax), and So, the housewarming party went on last night, and Emily brought the Cribbage game David had given her, and a bubble bear from the funeral, and some champagne poppers. Games were played, fun was had, and we ended the evening by launching a round of poppers onto the front lawn. The neighbors were probably less than thrilled, but it was fun, and David was a fun guy.

It all just winds around so oddly. Last weekend I was sitting around on Saturday thinking, "I sure miss Kevin." And I called him and we played phone tag for the rest of the weekend, and on Tuesday when I finally caught up to him, it was when he'd just found out his dad died. I'm just glad Kevin's last interaction with his dad wasn't phone tag. He had just talked to him on his birthday. In fact, he may have been one of the last people to talk to him. Wog.

But life went on this week too. My coworker and I had an "offsite meeting" and saw Pirates of the Carribean on Wednesday. It ruled. Lots of pirately swashbuckling goodness. Exactly what it needed to be. Not exactly great cinema. Not a film that changed the world. But lots of fun piratey goodness. Johnny Depp is utterly amazing. After that, I went on to Persephone's swing class, which was as frustrating as the week before. Thursday was a lovely dinner with Bates and Dawn, including a yummy sauce that I made her hand over the recipe for. We topped off that evening with 3 episodes of Coupling. No matter how many times I see it, it's still funny. Tonight is Rachel and Jim's birthday party, and tomorrow is Afro Celt Soundsystem at Stern Grove. Fun. Lots of it. Fun in the face of death. Thanatos claimed one fun person this week, but the rest of us will carry on.


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