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Saturday, July 19, 2003

Lately I've been walloped up side the head with my friends' impressions of my other friends. It's very odd. One old friend was recently described to me as "laying a lot of pipe", as in, having sex with a lot of people. This is not an impression I can even imagine having of this person. Sure, he's dated a lot of women over the years, but it's been YEARS, and it was always one at a time, and he doesn't have a lot of flings outside of those relationships, and there are long periods of dry spells between women. He's still looking for Ms. Right. Is he supposed to be celibate until he's married to one of these girls? It was a really odd impression. Still can't get my brain around it a couple of weeks later. But one friend said it and another agreed. But that doesn't even begin to jive with my impression of this person.

Then last night another friend described one of our mutual friends as "smarmy". I can't imagine perceiving this person that way. I know smarmy guys. All too many of them. But this friend is hardly smarmy. He's thoughtful, and adventuresome, and kind, and giving. He's someone who's always thinking. He isn't even a little bit smarmy. And the even weirder part is that the friend who said this person was smarmy has dated some of the smarmiest guys I've ever known. It's just so weird. Perhaps my definition of smarmy is very different from hers, but I don't think so. It's just looking through different eyes, seeing very different worlds around us.

What must others say about me!?


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